12 constellation study Feng Shui layout can increase career

12星座书房风水 巧布置可增加事业运

First, the water sign uses feng shui to increase the business

1, Cancer

Cancer is particularly strong emotional sensibility, book room curtains for high transparency with a tulle-type, easy to filter the sun's fire, so that the study of brightly lit, career prospects brighter. Put a pot of aloe plants Cancer Lucky book in the upper right corner of the table, not only can help you absorb the dust in the air, but also help you resist the villain, so the villain can not close! The business is smooth and profitable. Coupled with the silvery new moon mascot for Cancer, the career is from the beginning of the year to the end of the year.

12星座书房风水 巧布置可增加事业运

2, Scorpio

Scorpio drives the plant to make a fortune tree and put it in a sunny place in the study. In addition to absorbing toxic gases, it can also bless your promotion and salary, and the business is profitable! Tianzhu’s natural leadership ability always wants to lead others. However, the so-called full of water is overflowing, too much, too much hegemony will often attract bad interpersonal gas. Place obsidian on the study desk, the change and energy of obsidian, it has a very powerful role in avoiding evil and phlegm, can avoid the interference of negative energy, help you become a profit.

12星座书房风水 巧布置可增加事业运

3, Pisces

Hang up on the wall with an image of your fantasy in this period, fully adjust your imagination, let your career be full of passion and luck. Putting pine and cypress in the study room will not only make your gas field stronger, but also have more harmonious interpersonal relationships. You can also recruit valuable people to help you achieve your goals and achieve your goals.

12星座书房风水 巧布置可增加事业运

Second, the fire constellation uses Feng Shui to increase the business

1, Aries

The entire book room layout should give priority to green, outdoor space full of flavor, working in such an environment will greatly enhance the work of passion, career promotion. The choice of furniture tend to be creative, very consistent with the nature of your work, improve work inspiration, every success. The opening plant of Aries is African jasmine. Put a pot of African jasmine on the desk. It not only has the effect of purifying the air, it makes you feel good, improves work efficiency, and makes the boss even more important to you!

12星座书房风水 巧布置可增加事业运

2, Leo

Leo ships plants: Ivy. Put a pot of ivy in the study room; beautify the environment, but also bless you to do things more efficiently, the business is getting better and better! At the same time, the sun or gold medals on the walls in the study will help Leo. I am born with a lofty ideal, go all out and give play to the talents of creation, and the results of my career will come one after another.

12星座书房风水 巧布置可增加事业运

3, Sagittarius

Then the most suitable study room with a great ideal Sagittarius is the bright color of the field of vision, which can make the Sagittarius open field and career development. Put a large pot of cactus next to the computer, it can add enough oxygen for you, so that you can be a hundred times more powerful, and can also stop the "little man" who hurts you, and your career will rise. Or the star mascot collected during the tour, but also the direction of the business everywhere.

12星座书房风水 巧布置可增加事业运

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