Which is better for portable edge banding machines and manual edge banding machines?

Portable edge banding machine detailed description First of all, it can be directly applied to the plate type straight line and curved irregular frame edge sealing operation. When the portable wood edge banding machine is installed with the fixing bracket accessory, its use mode is similar to the traditional curved line manual edge banding machine. Portable edge banding machine is suitable for all kinds of different

Material edge banding: such as melamine (impregnated) paper, veneer, plastic (PVC or A
BS) and so on. The portable woodworking edge banding machine has the following advantages: streamlined, light, high quality and beautiful price.

The portable woodworking edge banding machine can be freely converted to the workplace and arrive at the decoration site for on-site construction, which is suitable for the decoration industry.

After several years of research and development by our factory, the latest products have been perfected and comprehensive additional functions: 1. The applicable width range of the edge band has been increased to 10mm-60 mm. 2. The main glue supply system: the upper and lower points of the rubber shaft are fixed. The structure is stable and durable. 3. Special plastic basin insulation design; increased capacity and short warm-up time. 4. Thermostat: The temperature is automatically controlled according to the sol temperature required for the edge band and the hot melt. 5. Governor: Adjust the machine speed according to different glue and belt needs. 6. All electrical accessories meet UL and CSA standards, and the whole machine has been CE certified. Model 09 Machine net weight: 9.2KG (with 20W motor) Class 1 (carton) Packing weight: 15.4KG (with 20W motor) Class II (with iron box and accessories): 39.4KG (with 20W motor) Machine size: 330×335×395mm Package size: 395 x 365 x 335 mm Package size 2: 460 x 430 x 510 mm

Power: 220V / 50HZ or 110V / 60HZ; with ground wire three-wire plug (socket specifications can be customized according to different countries)

Power: Total power 645W, including: motor power 20W, heating element power 625W.

Volume of hot melt adhesive: 320ML Preheating time before use: about 5-7 minutes

Machine edge sealing speed: about 2-6 m / min. Machine materials and workpieces 1. Suitable for edge banding: Flexible melamine impregnated paper, veneer, plastic and other furniture edge-sealing materials. The rubberized surface must be flat. Plastic edge banding It must be coated with hot melt when it is heated. Plastic sealing tape, the rubberized surface must be pre-coated with back glue (the activator for the back side of the edge band and hot melt). Edge band thickness: 0.3-3mm Width of the edge band: 10--45 mm ( 07 / 08 ) 10--60 mm (09) 2. Suitable hot melt: medium and low temperature hot melt with melting point below 120-170. 3. Suitable for workpiece frame: Hot-melt bonded wood, particleboard, MDF, particle board and other sheet borders. 4. Border shape: straight edge, curve, outer arc, inner arc and circumference (arc radius 20mm or more). .

Manual edge banding machine

The curved double-sided adhesive woodworking edge banding machine, based on the advantages of manual edge banding machines at home and abroad, combined with the experience of manufacturing woodworking machinery for many years, the manual edge banding machine developed is not only easy to operate, but also reasonable in structure. Suitable for edge banding of furniture of various shapes.

Performance characteristics: The manual edge banding machine adopts automatic control, and the sealing edge operation range is large, which can ensure that the hot melt adhesive is not smeared, and is suitable for straight curve edge sealing of various plates, small in size and light in weight. The function surpasses the ordinary imported straight edge banding machine and is one of the earliest edge banding machines entering the Chinese market. Suitable for all furniture, cabinets, teaching aids, etc.

Use and scope of application: The manual edge banding machine adopts advanced foreign technology, and the structure is advanced under-type plastic box. This structure is glued with rubber shaft and glued evenly. It can choose double-sided glue on plate and sealing tape and feed by hand. It can be used for the side curve and straight edge of the board. It is used for furniture processing, cabinet processing, interior decoration board edge sealing, etc. It is inexpensive and widely used.
Both have their own advantages, which should be purchased according to your needs.


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