Enclosed children's furniture must have ventilation

When the reporter ran into the market, she met Ms. Zhou, who bought furniture for her daughter. Ms. Zhou said: Recently, I heard that many cases of home decoration pollution caused by the non-environmental protection of home improvement materials can not help but feel overwhelmed. When I bought children's furniture for my daughter (children's furniture decoration renderings), I also shopped for a while. What should you pay attention to when purchasing children's furniture?

Answer: According to industry insiders, the special standard for children's furniture, General Technical Conditions for Children's Furniture, was officially released on August 1 last year. The introduction of the new national standard provides a reference standard for parents to purchase children's furniture.

First of all, the amount of formaldehyde released from wooden parts must be above E1. GB 18580 standard has clear regulations on formaldehyde release limits for interior decoration materials, wood-based panels and their products. The formaldehyde emission of various artificial boards must reach E1 level for indoor use.

Second, there are dangerous protrusions to add a protective cover. Children's furniture can not exist dangerous sharp edges and tips. The contactable outer corners, corners and edge parts below the ground height of 1600mm should be rounded or chamfered, and the rounding radius should be no less than 10mm, or the inverted arc length should be no less than 15mm. . If there is a dangerous protrusion, a protective cap or cover is added to protect it.

Third, closed furniture must have a breathable function. When children's furniture products have airtight and confined spaces (such as spaces formed by doors or covers and other parts), and the closed continuous space is greater than 0.03m3, and the internal dimensions are greater than or equal to 150mm, a single opening area of ​​650mm2 and a distance of at least 150mm shall be provided. An unobstructed ventilation opening, or a ventilation opening equivalent to two 650mm2, and the door can not be equipped with an automatic locking device, the opening force is small.

Fourth, the color of children's furniture should not be too bright. The new national standard limits the amount of niobium, arsenic, antimony, cadmium, chromium, lead, mercury and selenium on the surface of furniture, which is four more than the standard for adult furniture. The free formaldehyde in leather and textile fabrics must be less than 30mg/kg (higher than the standard of 75mg/kg for adult furniture), and the use of decomposable aromatic amines (not required for adult furniture standards) is prohibited. In addition, the phthalate in the plastic is also limited to 0.1%.

Industry insiders suggest that when choosing children's furniture, look at the materials and find signs. Pay attention to whether the furniture is made of solid wood or artificial board. Generally speaking, the solid wood furniture interior is less polluting than the artificial board. In addition, after the introduction of the new national standard, consumers should pay attention to check whether there are nationally recognized signs on the furniture when purchasing children's furniture.

When selecting children's furniture, pay attention to opening the furniture and smelling whether it has a strong pungent odor. This is the most effective way to determine whether the furniture is environmentally friendly. If the irritating odor is large, it proves that the plate used in the furniture contains a lot of free formaldehyde, which will pollute the indoor air and endanger the health of the child.

When purchasing children's furniture, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the furniture produced by the manufacturer meets the relevant national environmental protection regulations and whether it has relevant departmental certification. In addition, when purchasing children's furniture, you can also learn about some basic conditions of the furniture manufacturer, as well as the detection results of harmful substances in the furniture produced.

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