About the requirements of the samples of the ultraviolet aging test chamber

The ultraviolet aging test box is widely used in various industries, and its related fields such as paint, ink, paint, resin, plastic, printing and packaging, adhesives, automobile and motorcycle industry, cosmetics, medicine and other industries. The ultraviolet aging test box simulates the destruction of materials by sunlight and moisture in the nature. The test samples should generally be prepared according to the required performance and standard samples in accordance with the relevant regulations. Then the sample should have the following requirements:

1. The maximum thickness of the test sample should not exceed 20 mm to ensure sufficient heat exchange to cause condensation on the test sample.

2. Holes larger than 1 mm on the test sample should be sealed to prevent water vapor from escaping.

3. For plastic, rubber and other strip test samples, they should be fixed on aluminum alloy or other panels with good corrosion resistance and transmission.

4. For the paint test samples of the steel base plate, ensure that the rust on the edges does not stain the surface of the test sample.

The test samples of the UV aging test box should not be subject to external pressure on the sample holder. Reasonably arranged and fixed on the rotating bracket, and can easily adjust the position.

About the requirements of the samples of the ultraviolet aging test chamber

PP plastic, also known as polypropylene plastic, is another fine resin varieties, following the development of nylon, which is a semi-crystalline materials, the advantage is obvious, with excellent mechanical properties and heat resistance, with a high not hydrophilic sex, almost non-absorbent. The disadvantage is poor low temperature impact resistance, easier to aging. However, for comparison PE plastic having a higher melting point.

PE plastic is polyethylene plastic, its corrosion resistance and electrical insulation are very strong. Rigid hardness and strength are relatively high, and the same PP plastic, it also very small water absorption.

Polycarbonate (referred PC) is a polymer molecular chain containing a carbonate group, an ester group according to the structure can be divided into aliphatic, aromatic, aliphatic - aromatic and other types. Which due to the aliphatic and aliphatic - aromatic polycarbonate lower mechanical properties, thereby limiting its application in engineering terms. Currently, only the aromatic polycarbonate obtained industrial production. Due to the special nature of the polycarbonate structure, it has now become the top five fastest growing engineering plastics in general engineering plastics.

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