Ergonomics-the secret of falling in love with pipetting

Why is ergonomics more and more popular?

1. Ergonomics has become an increasingly critical issue in laboratories worldwide, especially in the US and Europe

2. The laboratory pays more attention to work posture and ergonomics of using instruments

3. In the musculoskeletal injuries caused by laboratory work, the pipette is one of the main factors

4. In the past 5 years, ergonomic design has become a major factor in the development of pipettes

WRULD = Work-related musculoskeletal injuries

Lab, what you do n’t know?

1. Pipetting time over 300 hours / year (1.5 hours / day) will put users at risk of repetitive muscle strain (up to 5 times higher risk than normal people)

2. Professionals in the laboratory are twice as likely to suffer from musculoskeletal injuries caused by work as compared to ordinary employees

3.44% of laboratory majors suffer from diseases caused by pipetting

4. As the working time of pipetting increases and the age becomes larger, the probability of laboratory staff suffering from thumb syndrome also increases.

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