Half pack 80,000 to create three bedrooms, two halls, two bathrooms, 120 flat warm home

Room type: 3/2/2

Building area: 127

Design style: modern fashion

Project cost: half package 8.3W

半包8万元装修120平米家 晒温馨家居毕业照

The warm yellow goose yellow tone is used at the entrance to make people feel relaxed when they return home~~

半包8万元装修120平米家 晒温馨家居毕业照

Into the door walnut cabinet, with intermittent treatment, coupled with the lighting effect, looks lively, exquisite and very enter the left restaurant, at first glance, simple and bright, stylish taste is very strong...

半包8万元装修120平米家 晒温馨家居毕业照

On the yellow wall of the goose, a section of painted wall stands out, and the concave and convex feel echoes with the door shoe. The whole restaurant background reminds people of the cream and chocolate sauce floating on the top of the milk tea. It is exquisitely decorated with a top tea mirror. It is very fashionable...

半包8万元装修120平米家 晒温馨家居毕业照

The pattern black marble dining table echoes the background wall pattern and is very beautiful. The mirror effect of the desktop and the top surface makes the crystal light shine!

半包8万元装修120平米家 晒温馨家居毕业照

Next to the restaurant is the kitchen, which is very convenient to use. The kitchen uses glass sliding doors to make the restaurant very light.


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