To distinguish solid wood furniture, just "three look, one press, one smell"

Another year of decoration season, many consumers who like solid wood furniture generally said that solid wood furniture is very beautiful, but the water inside is too deep, how should consumers distinguish? In response to consumer concerns, we have found through some surveys of furniture market leaders that the purchase of solid wood furniture is not as difficult as imagined, as long as you master the "three look and one press" shopping skills, you can buy a heartfelt Authentic solid wood furniture.

First, let’s understand what "three look"

When you look at the pattern and the knot, you can judge whether the material is real or not. You should mainly observe the knots and wood grain of the main board and side panels of the furniture. The other side of the solid wood material scar will have a corresponding pattern. Look at the wood grain is to see the corresponding pattern of the furniture panel surface, the two sides of the corresponding situation, the corresponding is very good is pure solid wood.

Second, look at the material, generally good solid wood furniture, after opening the door and drawer, the wood is dry and white, the texture is clear, the texture is tight and delicate. At the same time, good solid wood furniture requires no irritating odor after opening the door or drawer.

Third, look at the place of origin, there is an old saying called "solid wood, but the Yangtze River", that is, after the solid wood furniture produced in the south to the north, it will be susceptible to cracking, deformation and other problems due to the climate affecting the moisture content, so the place of production should be clarified when purchasing.

Then look at what is "one pressure"

Lightly press the furniture everywhere, check the strength of the furniture, the support feet are firm, the solid wood furniture is stable and full, there will be no feeling of tremor. The connection method of each part has always been the embodiment of the quality of solid wood furniture. Good solid wood furniture is connected by means of gutters. In places where the local load is relatively large, screws and protective blocks are used to reinforce.

Finally, understand the "one smell"

"Smell" the smell, by smelling the smell to judge what kind of tree wood furniture belongs to. For example, pine has a rosin taste, and eucalyptus has a distinct camphor taste. From the cheapest pine, pressed wood, to expensive mahogany, the price will vary by tens of times and the performance will be very different. Of course, for non-professionals, the results can only be used as a reference. The easiest way is to ask the shopping guide or look at the product label to understand the tree species, and then compare the price.

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