Do you dare to believe in the three teeth whitening methods?

With white teeth, a sweet smile will naturally climb to the cheek. However, many MMs have tried many wrong teeth whitening methods in order to have white teeth. For example, using lemon juice to clean your teeth or brushing your teeth with homemade orange peel toothpaste, you must know that these rumors are definitely not helping you whiten your teeth!

Teeth with lemon juice

Rumors: Clean your teeth with lemon juice

Having said that, the lemon is indeed a versatile fruit. Most places where there is whitening will have it. Also in the case of whitening teeth, there is also a saying of "lemon juice cleaning teeth". It is said that after brushing the teeth, it will touch the lemonade and then wipe the teeth in the upper and lower rows. After a long time, the teeth can come back white.

But the fact is that acidic substances such as lemon juice can easily cause secondary damage to the teeth. Because the hardness of the teeth in the acidic environment will be greatly reduced, it is easy to cause damage to the enamel. Over time, it is easy to cause a variety of problems such as tooth sensitivity.

Chewing peanut cleaning method

Proverb: Chewing peanut cleaning method

Chewing peanuts can clean your teeth? There is such a description in folk rumors. They think that the raw peanuts are chewed into pieces, but don't swallow them. Then take the peanut crumbs as toothpaste and brush your teeth to make the teeth white.

Nope! Chewing peanut cleaning method, in the end is to achieve the effect of cleaning teeth through food friction. The purpose you want to achieve is actually a matter of brushing your teeth with toothpaste. At least the friction agent in the toothpaste is clinically proven and safe. As for the actual effect of this river and lake practice, it is definitely disappointing.

Brush your teeth with homemade orange peel toothpaste

Proverbs: Brush your teeth with homemade orange peel toothpaste

After drying the orange peel and grinding the ingredients, then brushing your teeth as a toothpaste will whiten your teeth. Of course, this is also an unscientific approach. The same reason, just replace the friction agent with orange peel toothpaste. Since they are all similar to the principle of toothpaste, why bother to work hard to make "toothpaste" yourself?!

Therefore, if you want to be white and fangs, you still have to go to a formal dental hospital for scientific whitening! >>> How to change the seven bad habits when the teeth are getting yellower?

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