Eight aspects to identify the pros and cons of office furniture

In the furniture market, it is difficult for consumers to distinguish the quality of furniture, and the average consumer often looks at the appearance of furniture. In fact, this kind of purchase is very irrational. The following small series teaches you how to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of office furniture from eight aspects.

Method 1: Look at the structure

First, we must look at the four-legged shape of the furniture, whether it is thick and stable. Consumers only need to put the furniture on the ground and shake it. Some furniture has only three legs to land, and the stability can certainly be bad.
The second is to observe whether the furniture has an acute angle. The position of a good furniture corner will be smoothed and smoothed, taking into account the safety of adults and children.

Method 2: smell smell

If the cabinet is closed, the door can be opened to smell the pungent smell. Most of the furniture has a paint smell. This is normal. The furniture is ventilated for 15~20 days. It will disappear, and some furniture has been placed in the mall for a while or there is a pungent smell, then we will give it up. Whether you choose solid wood or board. Because health is the most important now.

Method three: see the details

If the above is consistent, it depends on whether the quality of its work is fine. If the carving is three-dimensional, the inner layer of the cabinet, the hollowed-out position of the furniture, the bottom of the desktop, etc., are smooth and delicate, and the furniture lines are smooth and natural. Some manufacturers have fine surfaces, rough inside, and good furniture must be the same.

Method 4: Look at the material

Many merchants promote pure solid wood furniture, but in fact many of them are made of MDF, mold, foam and other materials.
So how do you tell the truth?

1. Look at the wood grain. If the wood grain on the furniture is clear and there are obvious splicing marks, it is basically solid wood. (Because the real wood is obviously wood grain, and it will not be made of a whole piece of wood, but a few pieces of wood stitched together).

2. Look at the tree species. This is a factor of direct impact and quality. Solid wood furniture usually uses red oak, white oak, ash, eucalyptus, eucalyptus, rubber wood, eucalyptus and so on. And these woods are graded. Generally, the wood imported from Europe and North America is better and the price is more expensive. So with the rising of wood, it is absolutely cheap to be too cheap.

Method 5: Check the quality of the glass

When choosing furniture with glass and mirrors, such as dressing table, dressing mirror, wine cabinet, coffee table, etc., take care to see if the mirror is deformed and colored, translucent and free of impurities.

Method six: look at the sitting

Sofas, beds, and dining chairs are moderately soft and moderate. When selecting, you should pay attention to the surface to be flat, not uneven, and moderate hardness. The method of selection is to sit down and then rub it with your hand to see if the spring does not ring. If the spring is not arranged properly, the spring will bite the spring and it will make a sound. Secondly, attention should be paid to the presence or absence of breakage, jumpers, and density of corner teeth.

Method seven: look at the paint

As the saying goes, three-point carpenter, seven-point painter. The paint of good furniture should be smooth, flat, translucent, not sloppy, wrinkle-free, and flawless. The corners cannot be straight and right angles because the straight edges are prone to slag and paint. Xianghe Furniture City Official Website

Method eight: look at the soft package

There are mainly two kinds of leather and cloth. High-end furniture generally uses a large area of ​​leather to make a soft bag. They will use the same top layer cowhide as the high-end cars (BMW, Audi, Mercedes, etc.), which are generally imported from countries such as Australia and the grasslands, which can reflect the taste of the owner's life. The skin-like skin has the characteristics of delicate handfeel, strong resilience, high toughness and long service life, and has a high sense of value.

I will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of office furniture. I hope that the above contents will help you. If you want to know more about furniture, please continue to pay attention to the official website of Xianghe Furniture City ().

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