Spring is coming to pay attention to ventilation and moisture to keep bedroom closet away from insects

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] Spring is here, the weather is wet, the house is full of moisture everywhere, the most important thing is that the clothes are wet outside, it is very uncomfortable, even the wooden wardrobes are starting to mold, and This kind of dark and humid weather, which is quite good for insects, is the peak period of their activity. Now it is especially important to prevent insects in the wardrobe. So, how to keep the bedroom closet away from insects in daily life?

Bedroom wardrobe pest control

Bedroom wardrobe pest control

1. Keep the wardrobe clean. The most effective method of preventing insects is to start pest control from the closet itself. Regularly clean the cleaning cabinet to keep the cabinet dry and clean. The dry environment is not suitable for the survival of insects.

Bedroom wardrobe maintenance

Bedroom wardrobe pest control

2. Keep your clothes clean. Generally, locusts, mites and other corners that like dark clothes, especially the residue of food, food stains or food odors, are ideal for the growth and reproduction of insects. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the clothes clean and prevent them from being cleaned. insect.

Bedroom closet

Bedroom wardrobe pest control

3. Use camphor. It is the most fragrant insect repellent with eucalyptus as raw material. The anti-cork wood made of natural materials will not damage the fabric fibers. Although the effect is slow, it will not damage the fabric. Of course, if you use the eucalyptus wardrobe, it will save you more trouble.

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