Chinese medicine beauty is safe and effective

Chinese medicine beauty and external use, healthy and effective
Chinese medicine beauty is safe and effective

There are many methods for beauty treatment, among which there are not many girls who choose Chinese medicine for beauty and beauty. The reason why Chinese medicine beauty is so popular is mainly because it has no side effects due to its natural safety. There are five main types of beauty treatments for Chinese medicine .

(a) powder

A powder is an agent made by grinding various drugs into powders. In the preparation, the impurities in the drug should be removed, dried, and ground into a fine powder. After sieving, it should be stored in a dry place. It can be used as a facial cleanser on the face and hands, then gently massaged, and can also be used as a foundation. In addition to a few people who are not suitable for dry skin, powder beauty products can be used for a variety of skin types and different body types, and the application range is relatively wide.

Prescription example: Jin Guogong woman white scattered.

Method: Take white clove, white silkworm, white morning glory, white peony, white and 90g each, white peony 60g, white aconite, white peony 15g, saponin 450g, mung bean a little. The saponin is peeled off the string, and the medicine is a fine, and even. Commonly used face wash.

Function: moisturizes the skin, removes greasy, moisturizes and relieves itching. Governance, sputum and the like. The daily use is like a jade.

The powder for treating the obstructive disease as the main purpose has the functions of protecting, absorbing, evaporating, drying, relieving itching and alleviating the external skin friction, and is suitable for acute or subacute dermatitis without exudation, such as scorpion facial sore, etc. . Commonly used preparations include Qinglan Powder, Liuyi Powder and Itching Powder.

Another lotion, also known as suspension, drape, water powder, oscillating agent, is a mixture of water and powder (containing 30%--50% of powder), the action and indications are basically the same as the powder. Such as green sputum lotion, reverse lotion and so on.

(2) solution

The liquid medicine after decoction of the medicine, or the liquid medicine which is washed and cooled by boiling water is called a solution. In addition, fresh plant Chinese herbal medicines, or preparations using alcohol, vinegar, etc. as a solvent may also be attributed to this category. Except for wine and vinegar, it is now used in production and should not be stored for a long time. The solution has the functions of cleansing, relieving itching, swelling, astringent, clearing away heat and detoxifying. For example, the winter mulberry leaves are used to reduce the amount of storage, and the winter and the morning are mixed with water to wash the surface. The effect of hurricane moisturizing, smooth surface such as mirror and no frost on the surface is called “washing radiance”. There are two kinds of usages of external washing and wet compressing for the treatment of the solution. The main purpose of external washing is to clean the affected parts. The wet compress has anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor and astringent effects, and can be used for contact dermatitis, eczema and other exudation. The specific application of wet compress is divided into open and closed. In addition, the solution can also be used as a bath.

Prescription example: three flowers wrinkle.

Method: Take peach blossom in spring, pick lotus in summer, hibiscus in autumn, dry in the shade, no matter how much, winter with snow water decoction, wash the face frequently.

Role: blood circulation, moisturizing and wrinkle removal.

(three) ointment

The drug is added to a suitable matrix to prepare a semi-solid external preparation which is uniform, fine and easy to apply to the skin, mucous membrane or diseased surface. It has the characteristics of being difficult to dry, easy to stick to the human body surface, and lasting deeply, protecting the skin and preventing external physical and chemical factors. According to the preparation method, the ointment can be divided into six categories: 1 adjusting paste: using animal oil or vegetable oil (modern mineral oil such as petrolatum) can be used to make the medicine into a paste. 2 熬 cream: water or wine as a solvent, the soluble components in the crude drug are heated to dissolve, filtered to remove slag, and then heated and concentrated, or directly heated and concentrated with raw juice. 3 oil wax paste: the vegetable oil or animal fried medicinal materials are used to dissolve the soluble components, filtered, and then added with beeswax or insect white wax to dissolve into a paste. 4 捣 膏 ointment: a crude oil-rich crude drug. 5 vinegar paste: vinegar as a solvent, prepared by the method of sputum paste. 3 honey cream: a paste prepared with honey and a fine drug.

Greaseous ointments are more greasy and difficult to wash off. People with oily skin should not use them. It should be prepared in small amounts with oils and honey and ointment, and stored in a cool place to avoid rancidity. Ointments containing heavy metal salts such as light powder and medicinal herbs are easily redoxed after long-term storage, which reduces the therapeutic effect and even increases toxicity. It should be temporarily prepared and stored in a sealed state. After the ointment has been stored for a period of time, such as separation of the drug from the substrate or precipitation of water, it should be re-mixed and used.

Ointment is a commonly used cosmetic preparation for external use. It is commonly used in health care and beauty, and is also used in medical beauty. It is used for health and beauty to moisturize the skin, enhance the amount of whitening and wrinkle removal. Treatment of obstructive diseases has the effects of protecting skin lesions, reducing inflammation, relieving itching, removing idiots, and eliminating mites.

Prescription example: adjustment cream: moisturizing lotion cream.

Method: Take 60g of black-snake snake and appropriate amount of pig fat. The black-snake snake is burnt to the end, and the pork fat is used to adjust the paste. Apply a thin face every night before going to sleep, and wash off in the morning.

Role: search for wind and collaterals, moisturize the skin, treat facial dark spots.

熬 cream example: red face.

Method: Take appropriate amount of salvia miltiorrhiza and sheep fat. The two medicines are chopped, fried together, until the center of Danshen turns white, the slag is filtered, and it is ready for cold. Noodles.

Role: sputum, emollient, red face.

Oil wax paste example: almond cream.

Method: Take 45g of almond, 30g of realgar, white melon and white peony, 15g of tonka, 90g of ash, 200ml of sesame oil. Almonds are boiled and peeled. In addition to white wax and sesame oil, the medicine is incorporated into the chyle to be finely ground. When the first drug is not in the oil hot pot, when the simmer is fried until the oil is thick into a paste, add white wax, continue to heat and stir well, and serve in a porcelain. After applying the face, puff the beauty powder.

Role: hurricane detoxification, moisturizing white face, can cure local dark spots.

Yan Yan paste example: face black and white.

Method; take melon 90g, almond 30g, pork belly washed and cooked. The same research as the cream, painted every night.

Role: black and white, mellow, winter months.

Honey cream example: duckweed cream.

Method: Take duckweed 150g, white honey amount. The duckweed is washed and dried, and the research is very fine. The honey is used as an ointment and stored in a porcelain box for storage. Apply the face every night before going to bed, and wash it off in the morning.

Role: hurricane heat, moisturize the skin, treatment of acne, freckles.

(4) Paste

The drug processing mash is ground into fine powder, and then the liquid material other than the fat is used as a excipient to prepare a semi-solid dosage form.

Beauty pastes are more water, wine, vinegar and other liquids or human body milk, crisps, saliva, bile and other animal body fluids and raw medicinal juices, etc., one or several kinds of the same use, the powder is made into a muddy paste. In addition to wine, vinegar-adapted paste, other types of paste should not be prepared too much at one time, and should be stored in a cool place. Generally, it can be made into a powder first, and it is adjusted into a paste when it is used; especially, it is prepared by milk.

Example of prescription: make the color glossy.

Method: Take 45g of white aconite, white peony, honeydew, and hu powder. The upper sputum is not, with the goat's milk and it, the night lying on the surface, and washed with warm water.

Role: But five degrees, make the color shiny.

Description: Hu powder, also known as gouache, palace powder, contains toxic ingredients, not suitable for long-term use on the face. In addition, warm water is warm rice bran water.

(5) Mask

The traditional mask used in traditional Chinese medicine is made up of mucilage such as egg white or trotters soup, and some traditional Chinese medicine powder with cosmetic effect. In modern times, special masks made of traditional Chinese medicines and film-forming agents can also be used, and fruit and vegetable homemade masks can also be used.

Prescription example: ruby ​​film.

Method: Take 1 fresh egg and 30 g of cinnabar. The egg is yellowed, the cinnabar is not put into the egg, the mouth is sealed, and the hen is hatched at the same time as other eggs. When the egg is out of the chicken, the egg white is taken out and stored in a tight storage bottle. Apply to face or affected area after washing your face every morning.

Role: moisturizing wrinkle, red beauty.

Pumping Paper

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