Five hidden dangers of inferior furniture

"Buy a set of new tables and chairs, I wanted to use more people at home, but I didn't expect that the owner couldn't even return home because of the smell." Ms. Wang made this very depressed for the past two days. For more information, please pay attention to http:// Xianghe Furniture City official website It is understood that in the face of dazzling and dazzling furniture market, the public is often difficult to distinguish the authenticity, like Ms. Wang bought back Some consumers who are “invisible” or even “toxic” furniture are not uncommon. Instead of remedy afterwards, it is better to prevent it beforehand. For this reason, the Consumers Association has investigated and introduced the hidden dangers of several inferior furniture for reference.
First, the wood is not dried and the moisture content is high. The drying process of wood is a complicated process. The quality of the wood products has a great influence on the quality of the wood products. If the drying process is not effectively protected, it will easily cause deformation or cracking of the finished products in the future.
The second is the use of decay or insect wood. Generally speaking, the texture of such wood is relatively soft, and consumers can use their fingers to dig. If a piece falls off, the wood has decayed.
Third, the frame structure is loose, the frame is not tight, and there is a phenomenon of material breakage. Consumers can use hand to shake the joint parts, especially the table legs and other joints to check for looseness.
Fourth, the cabinet mirror of the large wardrobe has no back panel and no pressure strip, but only the nail is used for positioning. Such cut corners can easily cause the mirror of the mirror to break, which becomes an unsafe hidden danger.
Fifth, the functional size of the furniture does not meet the quality standards. For example, the net depth of a large wardrobe should not be less than 55 cm; the net height of a large closet can not be less than 135 cm; the height of the desk should not be less than 70 cm, the net height of the middle should be no less than 58 cm; the height of the seat of the chair and sofa should not be less than 36 cm. Etc. If these functional dimensions are not up to standard, it will directly affect the normal use of furniture.
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