How does Mei Niu demonstrate the use of eye shadow cream?

There is a difference between eyeshadow and eye shadow, the color is more attractive, and the makeup is more durable. So how do eye shadow pastes work? Teach you the basic drawing of eye shadow.
How to use eyeshadow Eyeshadow Usage Eyeshadow
The makeup introduced today is completely painted with eyeshadow, the color is very pure, and the makeup is kept for a long time, very simple makeup.
Eyeshadow usage:
Step 1: First choose the lavender eye shadow cream, use the small eye shadow brush to apply the appropriate eye shadow paste, the blooming range does not need to be too large, twice the double eyelid range.
Step 2: Apply a brown eye shadow to the root of the eyelashes and draw a long, narrow eyeliner with a slightly elongated tail.
Step 3: Clip the mascara and apply it on the eyelashes; apply the eye shadow brush to the 2/3 of the lower eyelids to increase the effect of the blooming; then apply the white eyeshadow to the eyes to make it bright.
Learn how to use eye shadow cream, you can easily control a lot of good looks in the future!

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