The minimalist style of the small bedroom is not equal to the faint

Editor's note: Many people like the minimalist style of clean and clean feeling, but can not accept its monotonous color. Minimalist style is equivalent to ignorance? Not necessarily! Today, Xiaobian will bring you the skills of decorating minimalist style bedrooms, so that your bedroom will have its own style even if it is small.

White walls give a clean look and improve daylighting.

Do not choose those colorful fabrics, try to choose natural color (green, blue) or basic color (black and white gray), put your mind on the purchase of high quality pillow or duvet core.

Also don't choose too many curtains to let the sun shine into the bedroom. If you are too dazzling, you can add a layer of opaque curtains.

The techniques provided above are as good as possible, so what is the “character” for the minimalist style? The answer is retro-style lighting, try a copper table lamp or chandelier.

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