Furniture purchase: how to choose environmentally friendly furniture

1. The environmental protection of big brand furniture is still guaranteed. The guarantee here refers to the requirements of the national standard, but it does not rule out the special cases of defective products. Therefore, we should also carefully observe when we choose the same as the buyer's electricity or other things.

2. In addition to formaldehyde, there are stupid, toluene, TOVC, etc. Formaldehyde is generally free from the binder, and the furniture sheet is good (such as the EG board or the real dew plate) and the sealing should be good. The problem is not big, the benzene pollution is mainly derived from oily paint. This is more important for solid wood furniture. The water-soluble paint is better, so it is not the solid wood furniture that must be environmentally friendly.

3. There are a lot of comments on furniture on the Internet. Some of them are just special cases. They can't be negated because of one such comment. Some are malicious attacks by competitors. In short, they feel that they should believe but can't believe it, and for the taste. Different kinds of people feel different from each other.

4. Buy furniture to the big store to buy, so there is a big guarantee. For example, the first payment of the actual home, and the dispute with the merchants through the store coordination is very beneficial to consumers, but we must pay attention to the contract after the contract to remember the after-sales service chapter; in addition to the furniture that can enter these well-known stores must be If there is an environmental certificate, it is equivalent to an environmental protection store.

5. At present, there are very few solid wood furniture in the store. The frame is solid wood, the inner partition and the back plate are mostly plates. Therefore, these plates should be carefully examined, especially the solid wood furniture of less famous brands.

6. In addition, there is a reasonable expectation for buying furniture. It is impossible to expect a little taste. Therefore, it is necessary to stay in it for a while, at least one to two months. Different furniture needs. The time is also different.

7. The moisture content of wood does not exceed 12%. The moisture content of furniture should not exceed 12%, the water content is high, and the wood is easy to warp and deform. When the average consumer buys, there is no test instrument. You can take the method of hand touch and touch the bottom of the furniture or the place where there is no paint inside. If you feel the moisture, the moisture content is at least 50%, which cannot be used at all. Another way is to sprinkle a little water on the unpainted wood. If the sputum is slow or not, the moisture content is high.

8. Is the furniture material reasonable? Different furniture, surface materials are different. For example, the legs of tables, chairs and cabinets require hardwoods, which are relatively strong and can bear the weight, while the internal materials can be used with other materials; the thickness of the large wardrobe legs is 2.5cm, too thick and clumsy, thin and easy to bend Deformation; kitchen and bathroom cabinets can not be made of fiberboard, but should be used with plywood, because the fiberboard will expand and damage when exposed to water; the dining table should be washable. It was found that the wood had insect eyes and foaming, indicating that the drying was not complete. After checking the surface, open the door and drawer door to see if the inner material is rotten. You can use your fingernail to lick it. If you break it in, it means that the inner material is decaying. After opening the door, smell it with your nose. If it is nose, glare, or tears, it means that the formaldehyde content in the glue is too high and it will be harmful to the human body.

9. Whether the furniture structure is firm. Small pieces of furniture, such as chairs, stools, hangers, etc., can be dragged on the concrete floor when picking, gently falling and falling, the sound is crisp, indicating good quality; if the sound is dumb, there is a murmur, indicating The blink of an eye is not tightly integrated and the structure is not strong. The desk and table can be shaken by hand to see if it is stable. The sofa can sit and sit. If you sit on a move, you will twist and sway. If you shake it, it will be a nail, and it will take a long time. Square tables, tables, chairs and other legs should have four triangular clips, which can be used for fixing. When you choose, you can look over the table and chair. The cloth chair can be touched by hand.

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