The applicable range and test principle of the heat aging test chamber standard

Heat aging test chamber GJB 92.1-1986 "Guidelines for the determination of storage properties of vulcanized rubber by hot air aging method Part I: Test procedures" This procedure clarifies the determination of vulcanized rubber such as natural, polyisoprene, butylbenzene, butyronitrile, chloroprene, ethylene propylene Thermal aging methods for storage performance and principles followed by testing.

The storage performance obtained from the test results of this regulation is one of the technical basis for predicting the storage period of materials and products or for selecting new materials.

Test principle of heat aging test chamber GJB92.1-1986 standard: vulcanized rubber is mainly thermal oxygen aging under storage conditions. The action of heat will accelerate the chemical changes of cross-linking and degradation of vulcanized rubber, macroscopically show changes in physical and mechanical properties, and some properties and aging time have a single change, such as: elongation at break, stress relaxation factor, compression set. . According to the empirical formula of performance and aging time, the rate constant of performance change can be obtained. The relationship between the velocity constant and the thermodynamic temperature (absolute temperature) generally corresponds to the Arrhenius equation over a range of temperatures. The statistical calculation of the test data can predict the storage performance at room temperature.


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